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Welcome to IEEE AUTOTESTCON 2011

On behalf of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society and Instrumentation and Measurement Society, it is my pleasure to invite you to join us in September 2011 at the Systems Readiness Technology Conference, popularly known as AUTOTESTCON, in Baltimore’s beautiful Inner Harbor.

Our conference theme, "Transforming Maintenance through Advanced Test, Diagnosis and Prognosis ", reflects the focus of our technical program on the transformations happening right now in the way DoD and industry perform maintenance. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to preview many new products from a wide variety of exhibitors, and to meet with senior military and aerospace leaders to discuss their future needs and expectations.  As an AUTOTESTCON attendee, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in discussion about new system readiness technologies
  • Consult colleagues and industry professionals about the changing needs of client applications 
  • Discover innovative technical and management approaches 
  • Explore well over 250 exhibit booths presented by over 100 exhibiting companies and US military units 
  • Interact with weapon systems managers, acquisition officials, engineers and logisticians 
  • Listen to and interact with the world’s best in Automatic Test

AUTOTESTCON 2011 will be held 12-15 September 2011 at the Baltimore Convention Center.   We promise you an exciting week of professional and social activities in one of the U.S.’s great destinations.  Our Wednesday evening event will be memorable.  Make your plans for a great day of golf at the internationally acclaimed Renditions Golf Course which salutes the great championships, champions and courses of golf’s Grand Slam.  Each of Renditions eighteen holes is a replica of a hole from a golf course that has hosted one or more of golf’s four major championships:  The Masters, The U.S. Open, The British Open and The PGA Championship, plus a hole from The Players Championship, golf’s "fifth major."

Check the Preliminary Program for more details about AUTOTESTCON 2011.

Mark your calendar now and join us at AUTOTESTCON 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Bill Ross
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